Portrait Sessions Do's & Dont's

February 10, 2015


Avoid outfits that mean that everyone is wearing the same colour or pattern.
This makes a photo look dull and outdated, not to mention taking away from your subjects' unique personalities and preferences.
Choose a colour palette and let everyone have their own take on it.
This will create a photo that is coordinated and classy without being cheesy or overdone.


Choose clothing that has large pictures, labels, logos, or words on it. This often looks too casual for a photo shoot and detracts from the overall feel of a photo. People who look at the photos will notice the logo on your shirt before they notice your beaming smile.

Logos and graphics on clothing can work in some cases. Themed photo shoots may call for these items. In general, however, try to stick with more classic clothes that will show something other than what clothing brands you favour.

If you choose a stylish, modern look for a photo shoot, make your clothing choices wisely. Choosing something that is overly trendy and doesn't have any classic features will make your photos look out-of-date long before they need to.


Stay away from white socks and trainers. Neither bring anything to a photo, and both can actually detract from the overall look of a photo. If trainers or white socks are part of a modern look, they may have their place.

If photo subjects have jewelry or accessories they wear all the time, make sure that they fit in with the look of a photo before wearing them in a photo. Watches, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories may need to be removed for a photo shoot.

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