How much work do you do?

November 22, 2015

A question I have been asked a lot is
"As a Professional Photographer how can we justify my prices for taking a photo when anyone with a camera can become a photographer?"

For me good photography does not start or end at the "shoot" I do many other things before and after the actual "shoot" as part of my workflow, this ensures the images you receive at the end of your session will be images you will be proud to put on display around your home; for example the recent Confirmation event at St Cecilias Church has taken a total of just over 10 hours of work for an event that lasted approximately 5hrs.
Below is a trimmed down list of tasks that I will do for any "shoot", wether it is a portrait session or a wedding.

Customer Communication

  • To ensure that you get the images you expect, I will be in touch regularly feeding back on the location, discussing the list of must have images and that all preparations are going well.

Location Scouting

Even if I have shot at that location in the past I will revisit the site to seek out the best location on site to take the images from (and also making sure there is no car park where a garden used to be!)

The main event

  • This is the part when I am at my ninja best! (to be around but not be seen) capturing these great moments in time of you guys having fun!

The culling

  • Now I would love to say every photo I took was the amazing product you have by the end of all this, but I am afraid if i said it I would be lying, this part of the process is where i do my culling, removing the images where eyes are closed, distracting backgrounds etc...

The cleaning up

  • With the culling complete we now have a selected amount of images, this is the time when I clean up images, make the colours pop, look much more vibrant, straighten them and crop if needed and maybe a little tweek here and there.

The End

  • It doesn't actually end just like that! There is a little more to it than that, I would normally Upload images to a secure Pro Gallery, Contact the client to arrange a meeting for feedback and show them the images, then comes the other stuff such as blogging the session, add info to Social media.

I hope that gives you an insight in what we do... you may not see us ut do know we still do plenty of work behind the scenes.



To hire Halstead Images for your next photo session please contact:
Telephone: 02080902711
Mobile: 07522 811 434
Mail: info@halsteadimages.com

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