Wall Art Vs Gift Print - Whats The Difference?

July 7, 2016

This illustration below is an easy reference guide to show the difference between “wall art” and a “gift print”. Gift prints are meant  for gift giving, for desks, or for wall groupings.

Look how the 8×10 is not only dwarfed by the wall art, but by the room itself! That 8×10 belongs on a shelf or your office desk!…not on the wall.

I encourage ALL of my clients to “Go big go big go big.” And guess what. They NEVER regret it!

I hope this helps give a visual perspective to an important concept.
Believe it or not, going big will also save you money in the long run!

Ordering anything smaller than a 16×20 for your wall art will only result in you buying a bigger print later.

Save your money and go big now! Save those gift prints for gifts to family or for shelves/desks…not walls :)

Wall Art Vs Gift Print - Whats The Difference? Information

Wall Guide

A visual representation for clients to compare the different print sizes.
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