What camera will you choose?

October 21, 2014

I have personally been looking in to purchasing a new camera, up until today I thought I knew exactly what I was looking for...
This got me thinking if it is this hard for ME to choose a camera (and I know what style of camera I want!) it must be nearly impossible for you to choose one!

So I thought I could summarise the different styles of camera that are available in the high street;

Camera Phone:

Does this count ?
Well you can take pictures on it so technically it does (plus most of us love a new phone!)

This is probably the easiest and most accessible phone you can carry with you.
Small in size.
Easy to share images on Social Media.
Apps are available to apply different effects to images with out the use of a computer.

Zoom most phones only have a digital zoom (I will probably go in to this in more detail in another post)
Speed, sometimes its all about the moment! Have you noticed how long you have to stay still for a selfie?

Digital Compact Camera:

These cameras generally cost less than £75, use AA batteries and have basic functions on them, they can be limited with the type of zoom (generally 3xdigital) and build and speed quality can be poor (although the market for these cameras are massive, the quality recently has improved A LOT!)

Great for children to use.
Fantastic for first time users.

No good for anyone wanting to develop their photography long term.
Batteries...wow if you take photos TAKE LOADS OF BATTERIES!

Standard Compact Camera:

These cameras generally cost between £80 to as much as £250, At the cheaper end, they are colourful, ready to go in to a handbag or a back pocket. At the other end better quality lenses, zoom lenses and larger screens, this gives faster speed and better quality images.
all these cameras usually come with rechargeable batteries, and a range of features including;

HD Video.
smile detections (although we all know what a smile looks like.)
In camera editing
Larger screens than the above cameras.

Great to take out and use about town.
Quick easy point and shoot.

Big hands (I suffer with this one!)

Enthusiast Compact Camera:

The cameras are designed to bring the high end functions to a small sized camera, with many of the features you would expect to see on professional some offer add-ons that can be purchased separately such as flash guns and GPS, not as much flexability as the ones listed below but a very good out and about camera for an enthusiast, most of the cameras come with the following as standard;

Manual modes
Better quality sensors
Raw file formats (nice techy one there!)

Great for creative photography.

Those with a low budget looking for a good quality point & shoot.

Bridge Camera:

These cameras usually have a large lens fixed to the camera body allowing you to zoom a fair amount of distance.
Most models come with image stabilization this helps reduce the amount of "shake" in images that are far away.

Absolutely fantastic for outdoor photography & travel!

Its a little tricky trying to get this in to your pocket.

Interchangeable Lens Camera:

This style of camera is pretty new to the market, they have only been around a few years, but changed the game completely! Some of these cameras use the same hardware as in the DSLR cameras below! The quality of image produced by this style of camera is not far of the quality you see from a DSLR. I Personally see these as a replacement for the Bridge Camera.

Alternative style of camera for street and travel photography.
Most of the functions of the DSLR
Size The actual body on these cameras can be quite small.

Focusing is not as fast as a DSLR.
Price again more features and quality equal a much higher price.

DSLR Camera:

These cameras offer full control over the camera, they generally offer the best quality image, but because of this the price is usually a lot more than the previous cameras. The amount of add-ons available for this style of camera is amazing, allowing you to be at your most creative with one of these in your hands!

Quality of image.

Size...they are just SOOO BIG! Unless you are Mr T I would not like to carry this around

What camera will you choose?
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